My donations are non-negotiable. If my donations are not within your financial budget, please move on to another entertainer. 

To avoid an awkward moment, please be sure that your consideration is correct before our meeting.  

I do ask that my gift be left in the bathroom within ten minutes of the beginning of our date.  

On meeting, I love to be greeted warmly, as I will greet you like a long lost friend! However, be sure to tear yourself away for a few moments to wash your hands & use the Listerine provided.
Freshly showered skin & meticulously scrubbed bits are aphrodisiacs. If you cannot shower immediately before our tryst, I do provide plenty of fresh towels & men's toiletries for your use.  
Fetish, fantasy & sensual BDSM scenes are some of my specialties, especially when served with a dollop of GFE. However, these scenarios will only be discussed in detail after screening is completed.
No photography or video.  I cannot have hard evidence of some of my scandalous antics when my "Roxanne Dupri for President" campaign takes off.

Tipping is not mandatory, but is greatly appreciated!

I am most comfortable entertaining guests between the ages of 25 - 60.

Very specific clothing requests are not available on tour. (ex: "Will you wear XYZ from your pics?")  I cannot pack my extensive wardrobe for the road, Lovers. General clothing requests always welcome. (ex: "I love fetishwear. Would you have some available?")


Cancellation Policy

All rendezvous canceled with less than 24hrs notice must pay 25% of the intended donation.

Rendezvous canceled with less than 4hrs notice must pay 100% of the intended donation.

Payment must be within 48 hrs of the terminated date.

**Note the above policies are for dates 4hrs or less in length. For policies concerning longer engagements, please ask.

By contacting me, you agree to not only respect my time & business, but adhere to my cancellation policy.