How do I know you are a "real" person? There are many fakes & scams out there....

Any smart client should be selective of their companion. A simple web search will reveal that I am not only very real, but downright extraordinary. You will discover in your research that I have a long-standing, phenomenal reputation & am very active on social media. On Instagram, you can see plenty of candid photos and catch some glimpses of my alternative, charmed life. Just don't be fooled by my rock-n-rebellious exterior...I am down-to-earth and approachable!


If we have previously met, may I use you as a reference?

As of Spring '16, I no longer provide references to ladies with whom I am do not know personally. (Courtesans & kinksters that are in my tawdry coterie of girlfriends may be found on my "Playmates" page.) 

I happily provide Preferred411 references within 6 months of our last rendezvous.


Do you offer entertainment with another provider?

If there is an established, reviewed lady that you would like to see me with, then please let me know. Meeting new, exquisite women is fantastic...wouldn't you agree?

Also, please be sure to check out my "Playmates" page. You'll find several kinky, beautiful darlings I play well with behind closed doors.


Do you enjoy tokens of affection? Might I send you something if I am a fan?

While time spent with a wonderful gentleman or couple is always gift enough, should you feel so generous, I have a list for those interested:

Roxanne's Amazon Wishlist

***I do appreciate the thought, but please do not purchase any kind of clothing for me that is not specifically listed on one of my wishlists.

Also, if you'd like to bring refreshments to our rendezvous, I am a fan of:

 ~ Angel's Envy, Buffalo Trace & Four Roses Singe Barrel bourbon

(Wanna knock it out of the park? Pappy Van Winkle or Angel’s Envy Cask Strength)

~ Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley in Oregon

~ Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Nuts & Fruits for Snacking

~ Spring Water, Unsweetened Iced Tea & Double/Triple Espressos


These are a few organizations that I personally donate to and would be THRILLED if you shared your kindness with them:


~ The Humane Society

~ CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

~ Heifer International

~ Sex Workers Outreach Project


May I see you for less than your published consideration?

No, you may not. My date lengths & donations are reflective of the type of companionship I wish to offer.  I am VERY select in whom I entertain and do not see every person that contacts me. If my donation structure or packages are not within your financial budget, please move on to another entertainer.


I'm a 1st-timer. Am I out of luck if I have no references?

Not at all. I do believe that everyone has to start somewhere! Please be prepared to provide all the necessary information I require to feel comfortable in meeting.


I'm apprehensive to provide screening information. What should I do?

You should understand that screening is a mandatory part of any respected provider's protocol and a necessity for my safety. Also, screening helps me feel more at ease, and the more comfortable I am with you, the more fun we will have!!

I do understand the need for discretion, as discretion is important to my life as well. My established history of entertaining should be a testament to my level of professionalism. However, if you still do not feel comfortable and do not wish to disclose ALL of the required screening information, then I suggest you move on to someone else.


How would you arrive at my residence or Hotel? How would you appear for a dinner date or cocktails?

As surprising as this might be coming from a girl covered in ink, I dress conservatively when in public with dates. Nothing excessive jewelry, garish make-up or scandalous clothing. However, when given free-range to dress as I please in a public setting, I have have an upscale "hipster" style, with a dash of artsy, bohemian flair.

Remember, I was raised in the deep south and have traveled extensively; therefore, I know how to present myself fashionably yet tastefully for various occasions. Besides, I can always change into something more fun in private!